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General Liability
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What is General Liability Insurance?

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General liability insurance helps protect your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage. Some coverage examples:
  • Covers a customer or client's medical expenses if they slip and fall in your business.
  • Repair costs to fix a wall that your employee accidentally damaged while working at a customer's home.
  • Legal costs to defend your business in a lawsuit.
  • Judgements and settlements from a customer or clients lawsuit.
Coverages we provide in our policy:
Product/completed operations

Protects you from customer lawsuits alleging property damage or injury due to your product or complete operation.

Damage to premises

Provides coverage against claims made by a tenant for damages that he or she has made to premises rented from the owner.

$2 million

Average coverage amount

All coverage included:

Personal & Advertising injury

Product/completed operation

Damage to premise

Medical payement

Personal & Advertising Injury

Cover your business from any libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas from someone.

Medical payments

For medical or funeral expenses incurred by such persons as a result of bodily injury (BI) or death sustained by accident under the conditions specified in the policy.

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